Pre-School Teaching (BA)

About Department :

Mesarya Technical University is a remarkable institution and we welcome staff and
students from diverse backgrounds and all parts of the world.

The Department of Preschool Teaching aiming at the development of research in the Sciences of Education and the provision of academic education to educators of pre-school age. From its inception the Department has been evolved to an institution where all those sciences, which are internationally defined as Preschool Teaching,



Mission of the Department

The mission of Department is to educate students for the practice of their profession, for the advancement of knowledge and technology as well as for finding solutions to the national, international.

The mission of the Department is to create and maintain programs of excellence in the areas of research, education and public outreach. With a high standard for excellence in all three areas the department will produce students who are knowledgeable in this area and can think critically.

Group Of Elementary Age Children In Art Class With Teacher

The vision of the Department  is to be a recognized and distinguished unit in the field. To provide excellent teaching and training for the  graduate students.