Sponsored students


To complete the financial aspect of your registration, MTU needs to know who will be paying your tuition fees. A sponsorship letter is required if payment is to be made by a third party sponsor (e.g. a charity, a commercial organisation, an international organisation or Student Finance).

External sponsorship

If you are being sponsored by an external organisation (e.g. charity, commercial organisation, embassy) please send a copy of your sponsorship letter in advance of your registration date to:

Email: international.office@mesarya.university


Sponsor letter requirements

The following information is required in all sponsor letters submitted to the Mesarya Technical University. Please ask your sponsor to complete the template with confirmation of their sponsorship and send a PDF to: international.office@mesarya.university

If your sponsor has their own format please ensure they include the criteria given below.

  • Must be addressed to The Mesarya Technical University
  • Must be produced on official company letter headed paper from the sponsoring organisation/embassy and must state clearly contact telephone numbers/fax/email
  • The full name of the student to be sponsored
  • The title of the student’s programme of study
  • The student’s year of study or years of study that the sponsorship will apply to
  • A statement that the student’s tuition fees ($ amount) or proportion of their fees ($ amount) will be paid upon receipt of an invoice from MTU
  • If you have government funding you should also provide an authentication letter from the appropriate Turkish Embassy regarding the sponsor
  • VAT number .


Please submit your sponsor letter as soon as possible in advance of your registration date to ensure that information has been updated and applied to your account – enabling you to complete financial registration online. If you are unable to submit your letter in advance then you will need to attend registration in person.