Student Timeline

Keep Tracking your Milestones

As you make your way through your four years at MTU, there are many important milestones to reach along the way. This checklist can help keep you on track. As a MTU student, you are the author of your own life and play the central role in making sure that your educational goals are met. While advisors are available to assist you, keeping track of these key milestones is a part of the new adult role you’re learning to inhabit.

First Year in MTU: Personal Growth

Your first year is a time for personal growth. Spend some time this year thinking about what is important to you and what you value, both personally and professionally. We recommend that you become familiar with the career, academic and extracurricular resources available at Mesarya Technical University and Mesarya Education House, and take time to explore your options for how to get involved on campus.

We suggest that you use first year to familiarize yourself with campus and North Cyprus, and wait until second year to get started in internships. This will allow you the time to acclimate to a rigorous academic setting and also gain a better understanding of your interests.

We have outlined a few recommended strategies for first year self-discovery below:


  • Log in to MTU’s Owl Job Link, update your profile, and view the events calendar.
  • Take career self-assessment inventories at Counselling Services.
  • Talk over career ideas with an Owl Student Adviser or Coordinator, , and with parents, friends, instructors, and roommates.
  • Enrol in a First Seminar on Career Exploration.
  • Attend Owl workshops to learn how to prepare for an internship or job search.
  • Become a member of the Student Alumni Association to start building your network.
  • Attend Owl Internship & career meetingsto explore internships and careers.
  • Learn about the life-long process of  career planning


  • Take recommended courses to explore opportunities worldwide.
  • Attend office hours to build a relationship with instructors.
  • Attend Owl study skills and time management workshops
  • See an academic coordinator or peer advisor in the residence halls to create a four year plan.
  • Explore undergraduate research opportunities
  • Attend Residence Hall Advising Team academic programs in the residence halls.


  • Get involved in residence hall activities,student organizations or community service projects.
  • Apply for a Peer Advisor, Resident Advisor or Student Assistant position for the next academic year.

Second Year in MTU: Expand Your Career Vision

Your second year is a time to expand your career vision and begin pursuing experiential education opportunities, such as internships. In order to obtain most internships, you will need to apply with a resume and cover letter, and be familiar with job search strategies.

Listed below are a few recommended strategies for expanding your career options:


  • Pursue internship opportunities.
  • Talk with Owl Internship & Career Staff about narrowing career interests.
  • Develop a resume   and attend a resume writing workshop & meetings for further guidance.
  • Attend Owl Internship & Career workshops, company information meetings, and career fairs.,
  • Learn about conducting an informational interview or job shadowing experiences.
  • Find out about how undergraduate research can be applied to your study interest.


  • Meet with an academic adviser.
  • Choose your degree and layout courses for each remaining quarter at MTU.
  • Explore the Mesarya Technical University other programs and MTU study abroad 



  • Strengthen your involvement on campus through student organizations.   Find a summer experience that will help you explore your interest and begin to gain transferable skills.



Third Year in MTU: Try Out Your Options


Your third year is the time to test out your options, and to start clarifying your career goals and your plans for after graduation. Try to find internships and summer jobs that are aligned with your career goals to continue building your resume. If you are still unsure about your goals, consider meeting with an Owl Internship & Career Staff.

Some strategies for testing your options are outlined below.


  • Complete an internship
  • Meet with Owl Internship & Career Staff about your career goals and plans.
  • Update your resume
  • Conduct informational interviews
  • Create a Linked In account to expand your professional network.
  • Invest in appropriate business attire for interviewing.
  • Search for a summer job/internship that aligns with your educational and career goals.


  • Supplement major courses with practical skills courses (writing, public speaking, statistics, accounting, computer skills, etc.).
  • Research graduate or professional schools, and request letters of recommendation, if appropriate.
  • Explore and consider research opportunities
  • Develop a relationship with an academic mentor adviser or faculty member.


  • Continue to strengthen communication and leadership roles through student organizations or other activities.
  • Work at a part-time job to build transferable skills and build a professional network.
  • Volunteer for campus or community service.

Fourth Year in MTU: Make Decisions

Fourth year is the time to make decisions about your career after graduation. We recommend you start looking for a position as soon as you start your Fourth year, because many employers primarily recruit during the fall quarter.  Owl Internship & Career staffs are available to assist you throughout the job search and application process, so be sure to connect with an Owl Internship & Career adviser early during your fourth year.

Strategies for making decisions and finding positions are outlined below:


  • Tailor your cover letter and resume for the specific industry and positions you are interested in.
  • Begin conducting your job search: online, by telephone, and in person.
  • Use  Owl Job Link to search for open positions.
  • Research and develop a target list of potential employers.
  • Meet employers on campus.
  • Consider participating in on campus interviews with the Career Recruiting Program; interview schedules start in September.
  • Attend internship and career fairs
  • Develop an active network by joining professional organizations.
  • Attend workshops and  meet with staff   at the Owl Internship & Career to develop your job search strategy.
  • Be aware of your online presenceand how this may affect your job search.


  • Research and apply to graduate or professional schools
  • Conduct a research project.
  • Confirm your remaining degree requirements with your academic adviser.


  • Take a leadership role in a class, project, or club.
  • Explore lifelong learning interests.
  • Prepare for the transition from undergraduate experience to graduate school or the professional world.