Faculty Of Natural & Agricultural Sciences

Dean's Message

First of all I would like to welcome you to Mesarya Technical University ,
on behalf of all academic and administrative staff.
our Faculty aims to educate the leaders of tomorrow who serve the public,
who can successfully represent their institution and country in the national
and international arena and to become a successful education and health
institution in accordance with the universal standards.
The courses are enriched by professional and clinical skills and allows
students to gain their professional experience from the first academic day.
In addition, the program consists of research methodology, ethical and social contents.

About Faculty

The internationally competitive research of the Faculty Of Natural & Agricultural Sciences provides science-based perspectives and methods for responding to future challenges in agriculture, food production and forestry in Northern Cyprus as well as globally. We offer you an education that provides you with all the necessary skills for a career in research or business related to our fields.

Benefiting from tradition and future development potential, the specialization Agriculture meets current demands in the field of agriculture, training agronomists capable of implementing new technologies and systems of plant cultivation, of ensuring and increasing soil fertility and balanced plant nutrition with respect for environmental protection standards.

Agriculture is more than just farming,

        It’s knowledge, technology and processes that help feed 

the world!

MTU has the only technological agriculture program in Northern Cyprus. Not only will students gain knowledge and practical experience; students will learn through a lens of faith as caretakers of the earth.

Our program provides hands-on training in agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry.

Your program can be tailored to your specific interests and career goals.

There will be 50 varieties of fruits and vegetables in our 300 Da., student gardens. Not to worry, students’ won’t have to work it all—we let half the land lie fallow each year.

5,000 fruit trees, 10,000 m2 greenhouses, 800 Da. of corn + wheat + barley + Forage Crops fields, 200 Da. Vineyards. Feed mill, Dairy products factory, slaughterhouse and meat processing facility, Compost plant/recycling systems, Bio-gas energy systems, Fruit packing and processing facility, cold storage, a dairy & meat fating with 1,000+ cows and calves, 1000 + sheep and goats,  20,000 Hens, 80,000 Broiler, 1,000 Turkey, 1,000 Ducks & Geese, 20 horses, and many more. With all these gems, one might wonder where we fit our classrooms.

The world is full of hungry people. Our degree in International Agriculture Development will give you the knowledge and experience to set up food production and sustainability systems in the developing areas of the world.

Why study Agricultural sciences?

Some of the major challenges we face in the 21st century are sustainable food production, disease threats and soil productivity.

Learn about the interactions and inter-relationships between soil, plants, animals, climate and humans. Combine practical career-orientated science with business and management skills.

The skills and knowledge given by MTU , will help you assist farmers in Northern Cyprus and around the world to improve their food production with declining land, water and soil resources.

Career opportunities
There is an on-going demand for skilled agricultural science graduates with economics and management training in the $30 billion food and fibre industry. There are excellent job prospects in the banking industry, large agribusiness firms, agribusiness consultancies, state and federal governments, commodity trading companies, humanitarian organisations and agencies such as the United Nations.

The programme of study aims to prepare students for scientific careers in the public and the private sectors of Northern Cyprus now and Federal States of Cyprus and EU in the future.


Some examples of potential public employers of our graduates will include the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (MANRE) (Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Institute, Dept. of Fisheries and Marine Research), the Agricultural Insurance Organization, the Agricultural Payments Organization, and the State General Chemistry Laboratory.

In the private sector, graduates will be able to either develop independent professional careers (e.g. agricultural consultants, seed / plant protection companies, greenhouse units, nurseries, landscape design, micro propagation labs, aquaculture units, food labs).

In addition, graduates could be employed by private companies or by large agricultural and livestock enterprises, and food and beverage industries, such as wineries and dairy industries.

Also, graduates will be in a position to pursue careers abroad, for instance to seek suitable positions in the various services of the European Commission or as experts / delegates/attaches of the Federal States of Cyprus in the EU, international organizations or foreign countries. Finally, they will be able to pursue postgraduate and doctoral studies and thus develop careers in research and academia.



Mesarya Technical University

Faculty of Natural & Agricultural Sciences invites applications for full-time Doctor Teaching Staff and/or Assistant Professor and/or Associate Professor and/or Professor Faculty positions in Agricultural Science, Biotechnology & Food technology and Environmental Science and Technologies

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Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences's physical Infrastructure

The location and architectural draft design of Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences of  Meserya Technical  University are  given in the University campus plan.

As one of the University’s largest and most prestigious future development sites, the new faculty will comprise two complimentary and interrelated buildings totalling 10,000 m2

The new complex will mainly consist of an Administrative building, 2 units of two floors academic buildings. Several green Houses and 9 different purposes modern and advance Laboratories. Approximately 3,200,000 m2 research and teaching farms located next to the MTU campus.

Academic buildings will provide full equipped world-class classrooms, teaching and research laboratories, lecture theatre, staff offices, library, student internet room and browsing rooms for students.

All required working capitals academic and research activities will be provided by core budged of the University, research grants and the revolving fund of MTU.