The following are the Laboratories of Department of Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Science

All academic building’s laboratories will be furnished with basic laboratory instruments such as, teaching and research microscopes, pH. Meters, incubators, refrigerators, deep-freezer, digital scales, water-baths, centrifuge, glass wares and chemicals.

  • Laboratory of Crop Science

  1. Crop Production Techniques, (Biomass crop production, Design of roots)
  2. Environmentally Conscious Agriculture, (Studies on non-tillage culture using green manure crops, Tilling behaviour of plants)
  3. Organic Waste Composting and Utilization, (The research on the relationship between soil physical condition improvement by the compost utilization and crop production)
  4. Global Climatic Change on Crop Productivity,
  5. Weed Control


  • Laboratory of Genetics and Plant Breeding

  1. Genome, Transformation, Tissue culture, Chromosome, Transposon
  2. Breeding studies on production of salt tolerant plants
  3. Genetic improvement of seed storage protein in wheat


  • Laboratory of Plant Pathology

  1. Plant Pathology, Phytopathology, Plant Diseases, Plant Rescue
  2. Taxonomy, identification and detection of plant pathogens and diagnosis of plant diseases
  3. Studies on integrated pest management mainly by bio control
  4. Research for the systematics and identification of the microorganism that inhabits on plants and biological control
  5. Identification and characterization of plant viruses and analysis of those diversity



  • Laboratory of Entomology

  1. Insect Taxonomy and Systematics, Insect Resources, Natural Enemy, Insect Ecology, Insect Technology
  2. Taxonomy and phylogeny of the Thysanoptera (Insecta)
  3. Exploration for natural enemies of some pest thrips
  4. Insect technology
  5. Structure and function of silk-protein
  6. Taxonomy and ecology of the phytophagous beetles
  7. Applied insect systematics
  8. Systematics and ecology of true bugs (Heteroptera)


  • Laboratory of Pomology

  1. Permanent Crop, Fruit Production, Physiology of Fruit Tree, Plant Growth Regulator, Rootstock
  2. Studies on growth and development physiology of fruit trees and production of high quality fruits
  3. Ecological study and development of control technology in fruit production


  • Laboratory of Vegetables

  1. Next-generation growing technology, Growth control, Development control, Environment control
  2. Physiological studies on vegetables for growth control technology in production systems
  3. Development of practical technologies for vegetable cultivation


  • Laboratory of Floriculture

  1. Cultivation, Propagation, Postharvest Handling, Regulation of Growth and Flowering
  2. Studies on year-round production of cut flowers and potted flowering plants
  3. Environmental and chemical regulation of growth and development of ornamental plants
  4. Postharvest physiology of ornamental potted plants




  • Laboratory of Horticulture-Biotechnology

  1. Maicropropagation, Photomorphogenesis, Flowering Manipulation, Allelopathy, Soilless Culture
  2. Studies in the regulation of plant organ development of vegetable crops
  3. Studies on the improvement of clonal multiplication efficiency in horticultural crops
  4. Studies on the induction of in vitro flowering in ornamental plants
  5. Studies on the action of light quality on the growth and differentiation in horticultural crops
  6. Physiological and ecological studies on flavour and flowering of fresh herbs
  7. Screening and characterizing of tomato mutants


  • Laboratory of Postharvest Physiology and Technology

  1. Fresh Food, Quality, Antioxidant, Storage, Marketing
  2. Studies on postharvest physiology and technology of horticultural crops
  3. Studies on biological and environmental factors affecting postharvest life of fruits, vegetables, and flowers