Dean's Message

First of all I would like to welcome you to Mesarya Technical University ,
on behalf of all academic and administrative staff.
our Faculty aims to educate the leaders of tomorrow who serve the public,
who can successfully represent their institution and country in the national
and international arena and to become a successful education and health
institution in accordance with the universal standards.
The courses are enriched by professional and clinical skills and allows
students to gain their professional experience from the first academic day.
In addition, the program consists of research methodology, ethical and social contents.

About Faculty

At the Faculty of Law, students study the administrative, legislative and judicial branches of the government from a wide range of angles. These concepts are huge, complex and important phenomena that have a direct influence on people’s existence, lives and well-being. Students are expected to acquire fundamental legal thinking skills and basic political insight. For some people, the term “Faculty of Law” may conjure up images of a school that trains students to be lawyers. The Faculty of Law’s graduates, however, go into diverse career paths. Even for students who aspire to be lawyers, it is the Faculty’s policy to provide education that does not focus strictly on a narrow definition of “law.”


The Faculty has fashioned its curriculum and the number of credits required for graduation based on this policy. All students are required to register for the core courses in the curriculum. However, in addition to these, students also may freely select from a variety of courses focusing on law and politics, based on their interests and future academic or career paths. Thus, students are allowed and expected to develop their individual abilities.



Mesarya Technical University

Faculty of Law invites applications for full-time Doctor Teaching Staff and/or Assistant Professor and/or Associate Professor and/or Professor Faculty positions in Anglo Saxon Common Law & Turkish Law

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