As Mesarya Technical University, we exist to ensure that all our students are educated to think clearly, judge objectively and contribute constructively to society.

It is our primary commitment to equip our students with academic knowledge and competencies they need to make the successful transition from their studies to work.

We want all our graduates to become confident and highly-skilled individuals who can adapt themselves to 21st century labour market with their
self-awareness, lifelong learning, multi-tasking, effective communication and critical thinking skills.

Our high-quality educational programmes are designed to give our students everything they need to prosper in life.


The vision and mission of Mesarya Technical University are firmly based on the ground reality of our world.
With a great clarity in its vision, our university aims to;

- Be a world leader in the area of technology and science


- Empower talent through its innovative learning experience


- Accomplish stimulating learning environment through high quality academic instruction


- Emerge as one of the finest technical institutions of higher learning


- Prepare Mesarya Technical University's graduates with great competence, integrity and social commitment


- Make a significant, sustainable and socially responsible contribution to different sectors in Northern Cyprus