Mesarya Technical University strictly works with trusted recruitment agencies across the world, enabling us to help more students from more countries achieve academic success. As an education international representative agent, you shall provide a crucial connection between Mesarya and prospective students. We have primary aim to establish fantastic relationships with many education agents around the world, in which your agency is among the exceptional that we’d love to hear from you.

We are partnered with world-class universities in the UK, North America, Australia and elsewhere, and our educators have years of experience in preparing international students for university studies. We always consider our work with agents very important. You’ll get a chance to visit our campus and partner universities on organised trips. We provide online and offline resources and offer a support programme for our entire international representative agent partners.

Our Mesarya International Office  is at your disposal for everything you need to succeed. Mesarya International Office will keep you updated with new information about ourselves and partner NCUK universities, as well as any new course offerings available to your prospective students. We are at your service for any additional information you might need. As part of our constant monitoring policy to achieve satisfaction we’re always keen to receive feedback, and actively pursue ways to make our relationships even more fruitful.

If you’d like to work with us as a partner agent representative, we’d love to hear from you. Complete our international representative agent form to apply to become a Mesarya Technical University partner international representative agent.

Apply to become an international representative agent

Referral agents who provide advice and assistance to students wishing to study at NCUK Universities through Mesarya Technical University pathway must apply to be a Registered International Representative Agent.

If you decide to apply to become a Mesarya Technical University agent, you should:

  • complete the form below by answering ALL questions
  • provide the contact details for two references
  • provide proof of education agent training or qualifications
  • provide proof of business registration from your country, and
  • provide proof of any academic qualifications or professional recognition


The following criteria are used when considering a new international representative agent for appointment:

  • We prefer agents who specialise in sending students to overseas universities.  We review the prospective agent’s current volume of university placements and registrations, as this indicates a strong track record in successful counselling.
  • We look for agents who represent UK, North American, Australian, Turkish and Northern Cypriot universities and have a strong track record with these universities; we measure this by requesting at least 2 references from existing partners.
  • Agents must hold appropriate business licenses and conduct themselves with due regard to the regulatory conditions in the market(s) in which they operate. Where the British Council operate a training programme for agents in that country, we give preference to those agents that have undertaken this training.
  • We select agencies with professional counselling facilities that are appropriate for hosting interview sessions, displaying materials and are well located for students and their parents.
  • We will usually limit the number of agents in a country proportionate to the size of the student market and geographic size of the country.

The standard processing time for an agent application is two to three weeks from the receipt of a completed application. If you do not provide all of the information required, your application may be delayed.

If your application is approved, we will:

  • send you the International Representative Agent Agreement for your signature, and
  • request the signed Agreement to be returned for processing

Please continue to the next page to complete the questions.

If you have further queries about becoming agent please contact:
Tel: +90 392 228 4989
Fax: +90 392 227 6217