Course Code: VET312

Course Title : Veterinary Pathology II

Weekly Teaching Hour: (2,2)

Course Description : The courses are designed to provide students with a strong background in general pathology and systemic pathology. The general principles and mechanisms of disease are discussed through the basic principles of cell and tissue reactions to injury, including degeneration, necrosis, pathological pigmentation, disturbances of circulation, and disturbances of growth, neoplasia, inflammation, and immunopathology. Formal classroom lectures are complemented laboratory classes and necropsy demonstrations aimed at interpretation of gross and histopathology lesions in tissues and cells.

 Recommended Textbook(s) and Supplementary Books:

  • Pathology of Domestic Animals by Jubb, Kennedy and Palmers. 6 th. Ed. 2016
  • Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease by Zachary, and McGavin 5th Ed.2012

Course Assessment:

  • Class Participation 10%,

  • Mid-term Examination 30%,

  • Assignments 10%,

  • Final Examination 50%,

Attendance 95%compulsory.