Course Code: VET306

Course Title: Anaesthesiology and Reanimation

Weekly Teaching Hour: (1,1)

Course Description : Through this course 5 th semester students will gain knowledge and practical skills on principles, concepts and techniques and drugs utilized in general and local aesthesis in small, large and pet animals species; proper use of anaesthetics equipment and monitoring devices. Laboratory sessions will provide the opportunity to master equipment’s use and monitoring necessary for providing Saf anaesthesia and proper reanimation.

Recommended Textbook(s) and Supplementary Books:

  • Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia by Lumb and Jones. 5 th. Ed. 2015

Course Assessment:

  • Class Participation 10%,

  • Mid-term Examination 30%,

  • Assignments 10%,

  • Final Examination 50%,

  • Attendance 95% compulsory.