Course Code : TURZ 243
Course Name : Introduction to Tourism Marketing
Weekly lecture and application hours: 3 -1

Short course description: This course includes the basic topics of marketing in tourism. It aims to inform students about the subject, scope, development and functioning of modern marketing methods. In addition, marketing strategies and marketing tools are among the topics of this course.

Textbooks and supplementary books:

  1. Engin Koban and Tutku Eker İşçioğlu, Ekin Publishing with Tourism Marketing Competitive Approach.
  2. Marketing and Managing Tourism Destinations, Alastair M. Morison. Routledge.

Course evaluation:

Participation / Attendance : 10%,
Mid-Term Exam : 30%,
Homework : 10%,
Final Exam : 50%,

Attendance is at least 95 % mandatory.