Course Code : TURZ 111 

Course Title : Introduction to Tourism 

Weekly lecture and application hours: 3 – 1

Short course description: This course aims to give a general introduction to the tourism industry. In addition to general and historical information in the field of tourism, it provides students with information about the motivating elements of tourism and subsystems of the tourism industry. In this course, tourism enterprises are also examined in detail and necessary terminology is given.

Textbooks and supplementary books:

1- An overview of the concept of tourism, Prof. Dr. Öcal USTA, Anadolu Maatbacılık, 2001, İZMİR

2- Tourism, Principles, Practices, Philosophies, Charles R. Goeldner and J. R. Brent Ritchie, Wiley Education.

Course evaluation:

Participation / Attendance : 10%, Mid-Term Exam : 30%, Homework : 10%, Final Exam : 50%,

Attendance is at least 95%mandatory.