Course Code : SYB 204 


Weekly lecture and application hours of the course: 2-0

Course description: Concepts related to medical documentation, history of medical documentation and medical documentation, basic features of medical documents, importance and use of medical records, main users, scope and arrangement of medical records, qualitative and quantitative analysis of patient files, numbering and ordering of patient files, patient indexes used in archives of patient files, architectural structure and properties of patient files archive, department and functions of patient files archive, organizational models in patient files archives, management and organization of patient files archive.

Textbooks and supplementary books:

1- “History of Medical Documentation and Development of Professional Documentation” Dr. Adil Artukoğlu, Dr. Esatoğlu Ezel, Ankara University Dikimevi Health Services Vocational School Yearbook, Volume: 1, Number: 1, 2000.

Course Evaluation:

Participation / Attendance : 10%,

Mid-Term Exam : 30%,

Homework : 10%,

Final Exam : 50%,

Attendance is at least 95 % mandatory.