Student Attendance

Policy from Faculty Handbook D170.
Subject to Change Without Notice

Students are expected to attend all meetings of the classes in which they are enrolled. A student with excessive absences may be dropped from a course by the instructor with a grade of W or the student may receive a grade of F at the end of the semester. Absences due to illness, or to authorized University activity such as field trips, athletic trips, etc., are to be reported by the student to his/her instructor(s) and to the Dean of Students Office. If a student is unable to contact his/her instructor(s) the student should leave a message at the instructor’s department. The reporting of absences does not relieve the student of responsibility for missed assignments, exams, etc. The student is to take the initiative in arranging with his/her instructor(s) to make up missed work, and it is expected that the faculty member will cooperate with the student in reasonable arrangements in this regard.

Verification (such as doctor’s note, hospital billing, military orders, death notices, etc.) of a student’s report of absence will be provided on request and in accordance with the following general procedures.

Short-Term Absence (1-4 days). When notified in advance of an absence of 1- 4 days, the Dean of Students Office will prepare an absence notice which the student may pick up and personally deliver to his/her instructor(s). On absences of 1-4 days reported to the Dean of Students Office after the fact, an absence notice may be picked up by the student after consultation with a dean, if such consultation provides a basis for issuing a notice.

Extended Absence (5 days or longer). The Dean of Students Office will send absence notices to instructor(s) on absences of 5 days or longer when notification of the absence is received prior to or at the onset of the absence. If notified after the absence, the absence notice will be prepared, but the student must hand carry the notice to his/her instructor(s). Verification of extended absences is recommended (such as a doctor’s note, hospital billing, etc.)

Exceptions. On request, members of the Dean of Students staff will review specific absence situations to determine if exceptions to the established absence procedures are warranted.

It should be noted that written medical excuses for class absence will not be issued routinely by the Student Health Center except in the case of physical education classes, where participation would be detrimental to the student’s condition. Where confirmation of a student’s attendance at the Health Center is required by a member of the teaching staff, this will be furnished on direct enquiry, without revealing the medical details necessitating such attendance. If it appears that a student will be absent for a week or more, the Dean of Students will be notified.