General procedures for absences adopted by the Dean of Students
Subject to Change Without Notice

The Dean of Students Office, as a service to faculty and students, will send absence notifications to the respective faculty member should an absence be longer than five (5) days.  This service will only be utilized when an absence is for a family/student medical issue, death of a family member, military leave, or a university sponsored activity.  However, when requested by a faculty member, our office may assist in verifying absences that are five days or less on a case by case basis, should this be requested by a faculty member.  Our office will encourage the student to speak directly with the faculty member to work out absences that are less than six days.  The absence notification process is only meant as a notification and not meant to excuse the absence.  Excusing an absence is entirely up to the respective faculty member of the course.

Absence Notification Process: Upon receipt of a notification of absence by a student, the Dean of Students Office will send an e-mail to the professor on record notifying them of the absence.  The e-mail notification will be sent to the faculty member by the end of the next business day.   All students, regardless of length of absence, will be instructed to inform their professor of the absence.

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