Table of Contents


Section C: Faculty Rules and Benefits

Employment and Appointment Regulations

  • C05: Rights and Responsibilities at the Mesarya Technical University
  • C07: Faculty Disciplinary Policy
  • C09: Respectful Campus
  • C10: Employment and Advanced Degrees
  • C20: Employment of MTU Graduates
  • C30: Employment of Relatives
  • C35: Appointment and Continuation of Deans
  • C40: Appointment and Continuation in Office of Department Chairpersons
  • C50: Faculty Contracts
  • C60: Visiting Scholars
  • C70: Confidentiality of Faculty Records
  • C80: Faculty Office Hours
  • C90: Dates of Campus Duty
  • C100: Academic Load
  • C110: Teaching Assignments
  • C120: Summer Session Teaching
  • C130: Outside Employment and Conflicts of Commitment
  • C150: Political Activities of MTU Faculty
  • C170: Endowed Chairs and Named Professorships
  • C180: Special Administrative Component
  • C190: Lecturer Annual and Promotion Reviews

Leave Policies and Faculty Absence from Assigned Duties

  • C200: Sabbatical Leave
  • C205: Annual Leave
  • C210: Sick Leave
  • C215: Parental Leave
  • C220: Holidays
  • C225: Professional Leave
  • C230: Military Leave of Absence
  • C235: Leave for Service Abroad
  • C240: Leave of Absence Incident to Political Activity
  • C245: Faculty Absence from Assigned Duties
  • C250: Academic Leave For Principal Lecturers
  • C255: Jury/Court Duty
  • C260: Religious Accommodations
  • C280: Leave Without Pay


  • C305: Emeriti Status
  • C320: Enrollment of Faculty in University Courses
  • C335: Faculty Exchanges