Course Code : PDR 155 

Course Name: Self-Recognition and Communication Skills

Weekly lecture and application hours of the course: 3-0

Course description: Self-knowledge, ways of self-knowledge, self-knowledge practice, assertive behaviour, passive behaviour, changeable behaviour, empathy, empathic communication, human and cognitive characteristics, cognitive change, coping with stress and stress, problem solving, patient-dietician relationship, interpersonal conflict and solution.

Textbooks and supplementary books:

  1. Communication Skills, Dr. Martha Davis et al. Nobel Bookstore
  2. Effective Communication Skills, Prof. Dalton Kehoe, York University Press

Course Evaluation:

Participation / Attendance : 10%,

Mid-Term Exam : 30%,

Homework : 10%,

Final Exam : 50%,

Attendance is at least 95 % mandatory.