Former Founding Member of Board of Trustees

After graduating from Middle East Technical University- Department of Electrical & Electronical Engineering has worked for 4 years in various laboratories as a Research Assistant in METU-EE. Has worked in Aselsan in Turkey and abroad together with various international and local companies in many projects and has managed various departments. Has erected three factories in Kazakhstan, in Jordan and Sivas (Turkey) which were owned by the Joint Venture Companies whose %50 share was owned by Aselsan. Facilities Project Planning and Design, Construction, Supervision, Maintenance work was done during these installations. Besides Facilities Engineering has managed the departments of Human Resources, IT, Defence Security, Administrative Services. Is a TUBITAK registered Business Development Mentor for the Start-up Firms. For 33 years has worked in Aselsan Macunköy Faculty during the second development phase between 1984- 1988 and in Aselsan Akyurt Facility since year 1986 when initially the master plan was prepared. He has recently retired due to 60-year company age limit.