– Policy 5310: Information Technology for Facilities

Date Originally Issued: October 21, 2019

Authorized by RPM 7.12 (“Approval of Construction Projects”)

Process Owner: Chief Information Officer

  1. General

The Mesarya Technical University recognizes the growing importance and cost of information technology (IT) in the educational, administrative, research, and public service roles of the University. This document defines the policies and procedures necessary to ensure that IT needs are adequately and cost effectively provided for in the University’s facilities and utilities planning, design, and construction processes. These projects include new and renovated buildings and the outside utility systems that connect to and serve them and utility improvements to the University that may be separate from building programs which are subject to all aspects of this policy.

  1. Authority

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Vice Rector for Institutional Support Services (ISS) will collaborate to ensure the full and ongoing involvement of the appropriate level of IT staff and building occupants in the planning, design, and construction phases. As each phase of the project is completed, the CIO and VP for ISS or designees must approve movement to the next phase of the project.

  1. Architectural, Engineering, and Contractor Services

Architectural and/or engineering firms selected for the planning and design of University buildings must provide qualified IT design expertise, including a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), to University projects. The CIO or designee will advise the architectural and engineering selection process to ensure the selected firm can provide the expertise required for the specific project. These resources must be actively involved on their teams. General contractor bids for IT infrastructure shall include an IT subcontractor from an approved MTU list provided by the University Communications Network Services Department.

  1. Funding

The CIO is responsible for identifying IT funding requirements for projects. This includes all IT systems, services, cable, wire, and routing deemed appropriate for the project.  All such systems, services, and infrastructure will be funded by the project necessitating the work.  Additional systems, services, and infrastructure that would benefit the University as a whole but are not required by the project should have their funding needs and funding sources identified prior to the beginning of the project.


  1. Roles and Responsibilities

The VP for ISS will include the CIO in discussions concerning campus master planning and facilities development, and the CIO will advise the VP for ISS on all IT issues and projects that impact the campus.  The VP for ISS  will advise the CIO about all facility projects prior to the strategic initiative stage and discuss and agree to schedules and the extent of the IT to be included in the project budget at the feasibility/pre-plan stages.  Overall coordination of IT planning in the building and utility design and construction processes will be through the Office of the CIO. The CIO will identify a IT Project Manager for each facility or utility project who will be the point of contact and person responsible for IT throughout the project. At the beginning of the project the IT Project Manager will provide University standards and specifications to guide the designers. The Project Manager will provide IT planning and design support and expertise to the project.

In addition the CIO will:

  • Establish, maintain, and administer this policy, review it periodically, and submit any required changes to the MTU Policy Office.
  • Ensure appropriate performance factors and safeguards are in place to guide IT for construction projects.
  • Evaluate IT design standards and specifications.
  • Provide guidelines for IT involvement in projects.
  • Monitor IT funding and progress of construction projects.


  1. Related Information

The following links provide information that is critical for adequately and cost effectively addressing IT needs for all construction projects.

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