Course Code : İÇMİM 356

Course Title: URBAN DESIGN

Weekly Course and Application Hours of the Course: 3-0

Short Course Description: Strengthening students’ knowledge and understanding about design principles with the application of urban design, discussion of the concepts within the context of architecture and urban design, urban design functioning, criteria and guide on design, space organization between buildings, pedestrian spaces, squares and plazas.

Course Book and Supplementary Books:

1- Time-Saver Standards for Urban Design, Donald Watson, Alan Plattus and Robert Shibley, Tata McGraw –Hill.

2- Digital Drawing for Landscape Architecture, Bradley Cantrell, Wiley.

Course Evaluation:

Participation / Attendance : 10%,

Mid-Term Exam : 30%,

Homework : 10%,

Final Exam : 50%,

 Attendance is at least 95 % mandatory.