The following are our minimum entry requirements for undergraduate degree level study.

There is no upper age limit to studying at the University. You should be at least 17 years old by 20 September in the year you begin your course. If you are below this age, we may still consider you for admission but please contact us for more details.

Local Students (TRNC Citizens)

Citizens of the TRNC are required to sit for the MTU Entrance Examination. Application for the entrance examination constitutes application for admission to MTU

Applicants will be granted admission in two categories:

  1. Admission to the NCUK International Foundation Year Program.

The main objective of this program is the development of proficiency in the use of English so that the student will be adequately prepared to undertake university-level studies conducted in the medium of English. A further objective is to help the student adjust to the MTU environment; develop the self-discipline and habits of study in fundamental courses that will be essential for success in the university’s programs of study.

  1. Admission Directly to Freshman Level. Any student who has one of the tests listed in the optional admission criteria shall be admitted to MTU freshman year of their chosen faculty.