Course Code : COMP 109

Course Title : Introduction to Computer Science

Weekly lecture and application hours of the course: 1 -2

Course Description:This course covers issues about Windows operating system: initiating the programs, simultaneous use of programs, transition among frames, creating, dragging and deleting folders, and adjusting windows settings by using the control panel. Writing and editing texts by using word processing software, inserting graphics, pictures, tables, and etc. into texts and editing them. Entering data by using electronic tabulation software (Excel), adjusting cell formats according to type of data (such as text, date, numerical, and etc.), making calculations on data, and drawing graphics.

Textbooks and supplementary books:

  1. Computer Science Resources, Cambridge University Press

Course Evaluation:

  • Class Participation 10%,

  • Mid-term Examination 30%,

  • Assignments 10%,

  • Final Examination 50%,

Attendance 95%compulsory.