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JOB TITLE Biology Lecturer
Job Purpose: To be an effective professional who demonstrates thorough curriculum knowledge, can enable learning through excellent teaching and assessment, take responsibility for professional development and has students who achieve well according to their potential.
LINE MANAGER: Head of Department

CORE REQUIREMENTS OF THE POST : In fulfilling the requirements of the post, the lecturer will demonstrate essential professional characteristics, and in particular will:

  • Inspire trust and confidence in students and colleagues;
  • Build team commitment with colleagues and in the classroom engage and motivate students;
  • Demonstrate analytical thinking to improve the quality of students’ learning, contribute to the school improvement / development planning and promote the learning priorities of the school SIP;
  • Contribute to the development and / or implementation of school policies;
  • Use the performance management process to advance student learning and enhance professional practice in line with the school’s aspirations and priorities;
  • Promote the wider aspirations and values of the school.


  1. Planning, Teaching and Class Management Teach allocated students by planning their teaching to achieve progression of learning through:
  • understanding and applying effective classroom management;
  • understanding and applying a range of teaching strategies;
  • positively targeting and supporting individual learning needs;
  • maintaining high levels of behaviour and discipline;
  • using assessment for learning at the core of all teaching
  • effectively using homework and other extracurricular learning opportunities;
  • demonstrating appropriate consistent progress – for the majority of students – across all teaching areas – across all spectrums of background, ability and behaviour – that compares favourably with students in similar settings
  • effectively managing Teaching Assistants in the classroom.


  1. Monitoring, Assessment, Recording, Reporting
  • use performance data to evaluate students’ progress and set appropriate targets for improvement;
  • use assessment to inform planning and teaching;
  • report on progress to all parents/carers;
  • contribute to monitoring the quality of reports to parents.


  1. Form Tutor
  • be a Form Tutor to an assigned group of students;
  • promote the general progress and well-being of individual students and of the Form Tutor Group as a whole;
  • register students, follow up unaccounted absence, accompany them to assemblies, encourage their full attendance at all lessons and their participation in other aspects of school life;
  • alert appropriate staff to problems experienced by students and make recommendations as to how these may be resolved;
  • communicate, as appropriate, with parents of students and external agencies or persons concerned with the welfare of individual students, after consultation with appropriate staff;
  • contribute to PSE according to school policy;
  • review and comment upon annual full report, including behaviour log. 4. Other Professional Requirements
  • have a working knowledge of teachers’ professional duties and legal liabilities;
  • operate at all times within the stated policies and practices of the school;
  • maintain an up to date knowledge of good practice in teaching techniques;
  • know subject(s) or specialism(s) to enable effective teaching;
  • take account of wider curriculum developments;
  • communicate learning objectives;
  • focus on the development of skills according to school policy
  • undertake professional development to enhance teaching and students’ learning, and – apply outcomes and identify impact – share outcomes with colleagues;
  • Take responsibility for professional learning.


This job description identifies the key responsibilities attaching to your post. The job description may be subject to amendment from time to time within the terms of your conditions of employment.