Traveling to Northern part of Cyprus is easy and any time during the year different means of transportation is available.

From Turkey to Ercan International airport there are direct flights every day provided by the different airlines. There are also ferryboat services from Turkish ports (Antalya and Mersin) to and from North Cyprus ports (Kyrenia and Famagusta) daily.

You will not need visa if you are Republic of Turkey citizen.

IF you are not citizen of Republic of Turkey , even though all countries except Syria, Armenia and Nigeria do not require visa to visit North Cyprus either for education or for pleasure, you will need to get in transit visa from Turkish Embassy Consular Section in your country by showing your acceptance and invitation letter from MTU.

Please check the following web page and follow the official announcements regularly to learn more about the visa requirements and restrictions.

If you are not traveling from Turkey, you may fly to one of the airports in Turkey from your country for further in transit flight to ERCAN International airport in the Northern Cyprus.

Further, should you prefer to choose another alternative route to come Northern Cyprus, you may use LARNACA International airport in Southern part of Cyprus. However, this time you will need visa to enter Southern Cyprus. It is highly advised for the travelers to check the visa requirements before travelling to Southern Cyprus through the following link;

If you enter Cyprus from South, you will be able to travel between South and North Cyprus freely, but if you enter Cyprus from North, you will not be able to visit Southern Cyprus due to the visa restrictions.

In any event, it is advisable to use in transit Turkish airports to enter Northern Cyprus ERCAN International Airport if you are not from one of the countries which are exempted from visa requirements of Republic of Cyprus (South Cyprus).