Key Learning Outcomes

Our Law LLB degree provides you with the essential legal and academic skills to be successful in law as well as a range of transferable skills sought after in many other sectors.

With the completion of this program of study, students are expected to be able:

  • To develop a proper and methodical approach to the various aspects of the law on the basis of the triptych detection-analysis-application of the law.
  • To express and develop legal arguments in a sound atmosphere of academic debate, referring to law/legislation and academic views.
  • To distinguish the basic differences among the various branches of law and to develop a research-critical spirit as to the procedure of law in the society in general.
  • To familiarise them with the search of necessary sources of information and to become effective studiers of the evolutionary course of the law.
  • To familiarise them with solving practical problems in order to become, from an early stage, privy of the high standards of the legal profession and consultancy in general.
  • To develop all the skills necessary to efficiently work both at a personal and collective level.