Course Code : ABF 218

Course Title : Agronomy (Field Crops)

Weekly lecture and application hours of the course: 2–2

Course Description:This course covers the most important groups of field crops, including cereals (wheat, barley, oats rye, maize, legumes, tobacco, cotton, alternative crops(biofuel, medicinal, aromatic plants). For each of the above crops or group of crops the following topics will bediscussed: Botanical classification, utilisation of the crop, plant morphology, adaptation, growth, climatic requirements. Cropping sequence andcultivation. Nutrient management and manuring. Varieties. Plant spacing, row width and seed preparation. Sowing and transplanting. Irrigationand Pest Management. Harvest, storage, yield and crop quality. Productivity and Production Economics. The course includes lectures, field tripsand lab practicals. Industrial visits could also be arranged.

Textbooks and supplementary books:

  1. Introduction to Agronomy: Food, Crops, and Environment by Craig C. Sheaffer  (Author), Kristine M. Moncada (Author) ISBN-10: 1111312338 ISBN-13: 978-1111312336

  2. Forages, Volume 1: An Introduction to Grassland Agriculture by Robert F. Barnes (Editor), C. Jerry Nelson (Editor), Michael Collins (Editor), Kenneth J. Moore (Editor) ISBN-13: 978-0813804217 ISBN-10: 0813804213

  3. Forages, Volume 2: The Science of Grassland Agriculture by Robert F. Barnes (Editor), C. Jerry Nelson (Editor), Kenneth J. Moore (Editor), Michael Collins (Editor) ISBN-13: 978-0813802329 ISBN-10: 0813802326

Course Evaluation:

  • Class Participation 10%,

  • Mid-term Examination 30%,

  • Assignments 10%,

  • Final Examination 50%,

Attendance 95%compulsory