Course Code : ABF 100

Course Title : General Chemistry

Weekly lecture and application hours of the course: 3-2

Course Description : Introduction (atomic theory, atomic and molecular orbitals, periodic table). Chemical bonds (ionic, covalent, metallic andhydrogen bonds). Coordination compounds (nomenclature, magnetic properties, crystal field theory and biological importance of coordinationcompounds). Chemical equilibrium, ionic equilibria in aqueous solutions (acids and bases, hydrolysis, buffer solutions, precipitation, titration).Oxidation-reduction reactions, principles of electrochemistry. Chemical thermodynamics (entropy, enthalpy, free energy, Gibbs). Liquids andsolutions, fraction distillation. Chemical kinetics (rate and mechanism of reactions, transition state theory, enzyme kinetics, catalysis).Nomenclature and properties of elements and inorganic compounds of agricultural interest (Ν, S, P, K, Na, Ca, Mg, Al, Fe, Cu, Zn etc.). The courseincludes lectures and laboratory exercises.

Textbooks and supplementary books:

  1. Inorganic Chemistry: Principles of Structure and Reactivity (4th Edition) by James E. Huheey, Ellen A. Keiter, Richard L. Keiter, Hardcover.

  2. General And Inorganic Chemistry by J. G. Wilson, A. B. Newall · Hardback · 636 pages · ISBN 0521070732.

  3. Inorganic Chemistry by Catherine E. Housecroft, Alan G. Sharpe · Pearson · 1213 pages · ISBN 0273742752.

Course Evaluation:

  • Class Participation 10%,

  • Mid-term Examination 30%,

  • Assignments 10%,

  • Final Examination 50%,

  • Attendance 95%compulsory.