Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to Mesarya Technical University.

On behalf of the Mesarya Technical University, I kindly invite you to visit our website and discover the extensive higher education opportunities we provide. We are delighted to become acquainted with you and to help you succeed in your educational journey.

As a young and dedicated institution, boldly conceived, Mesarya Technical University aims to carry on the great traditions of learning at the highest levels of rigor and meaning, with a moral dedication to inclusion and justice. In a world challenged by intolerance and ignorance, and burdened by disregard and disdain for learnedness, reason, and inquiry, Mesarya has a special and truly unique role to play.

As the Rector of the Mesarya Technical University, it is my pleasure to share with you my vision of this institution. The Mesarya Technical University seeks for academic excellence in all of its academic programs. Our major strength lies in a strong team of highly qualified faculty and dedicated staff to deliver first class education at an affordable price.

Our sound liberal arts and sciences curriculum is led by distinguished faculty who are experts in their fields and value teaching. Our low faculty-to-student ratio allows us to have full-time faculty teaching students in small classes and provides ample opportunities for undergraduate research.

In the fast changing global economic environment, MTU has plans to strive to bring global perspective to all its programs and activities. Latest technologies are employed for effective delivery and the curriculum emphasizes practice orientation in its entire curriculum. The Mesarya Technical University has achieved global alliances with highly reputed academic organizations. We believe in preparing global leaders who believe in contributing to the national and global economy and civil society.

MTU is located on a safe, welcoming and beautiful city in Nicosia (Lefkoşa), Northern Cyprus. Our university has an excellent relationship with the community and with the entire Mediterranean region.

The student is the most important person on our city campus. We create opportunities and inspire students to achieve their goals. We encourage and challenge our students to be engaged learners. MTU students have opportunities to conduct undergraduate research and complete internships related to their areas of study so they are well prepared for the workforce as well as lifelong learning.

Mesarya Technical University focuses on the adult student also. The University offers convenient online and on-campus courses that fit busy schedules. Distance education courses make it possible for working adults to pursue their education.

Classes can be taken either online and onsite, and in both formats, classes are held live and student interaction is emphasized. You will learn in collaboration with your peers and with the support of your faculty with low student-to-instructor ratios to promote a more personalized learning experience. The coursework is designed to challenge you and your classmates to explore new solutions and approaches as you build your understanding of industry standards and best practices. The standards at Mesarya Technical University are high, but the support you will get from your faculty, classmates, and the rest of the university makes your success achievable.

The education we provide is designed to create new ideas and value, as well as to foster the fundamental traits of respecting the individuality of others and demonstrating their own creativity. We accomplish this through lectures, experiments and practical training sessions that form the basis for the logical thinking abilities of our students and stimulate their creativity. We provide a university education that offers knowledge based on a foundation of public interest, transparency, internationality and ethicality; so that students can share the knowledge they gain with society. We want our students to become generous people full of passion and courage, who can make proper value judgments, maintain self-control, act in a trustworthy manner with society’s approval, and with persistence. All of these qualities should be rooted in an acknowledgement of the importance of people.

We recognize that in addition to our students’ academic pursuits, they lead full, rich lives and need our support. Yet, Mesarya Technical University offers more than just a great learning experience. It broadens horizons and challenges assumptions. While we encourage our students to work hard in the classroom, we also want them to take advantage of a full, robust university experience. Mesarya students have countless opportunities to attend lectures and special events on campus; engage in leadership activities, clubs and organizations; and participate in fine and performing arts, or sports. In fact, I encourage students to challenge themselves to learn and engage in activities that are new or unfamiliar to them.

As we set our goal to become a world leading university, students would also need to develop qualities of resilience and sensitivity. Many times when a student sits for an entrance exam, a set of model answers are usually prepared beforehand for marking purposes. However, in everyday life, we do not necessary hold all the answers and solutions to real life problems. Hence, students need to learn to be resilient when looking for possible solutions to these challenges. They would need to be able to think through and examine problems and solutions, often a repetitive process, until they finally find solutions to a problem they think would work. I hope students would be able to develop such attitude towards the challenges they would face in life.

Mesarya Technical University prepares faithful servant-leaders who have strong spiritual moorings, a deep sense of service to others, critical thinking skills to address economic and societal needs and the ability to adapt and lead in a rapidly changing world.

We welcome students from diverse backgrounds to come together to learn and grow holistically and to become citizens of this world who think deeply, live faithfully, and lead passionately.

During their time at Mesarya Technical University, students learn the importance of questioning the status quo and wrestling with the paradoxes of life. They struggle with the process of owning their faith for themselves while becoming critical thinkers capable of evaluating evidence to inform their decisions.

Mesarya students work, serve and learn together, becoming friends and colleagues who deeply care for one another. They serve others in our neighbourhood, city, and world. Overall, students develop the skills necessary to be life-long learners, prepared to face a rapidly changing world.

I am hopeful that this website will inspire you to take a closer look at Mesarya Technical University as a full time academic study or study abroad destination and academic partner.

We welcome you all to Mesarya Technical University. Your involvement will be vital to our future success.

I look forward to seeing you on our city campus.

Prof. Dr. Yusuf Orcan